Backyard Buddies

These photos are from last month when I visited my mom. I seem to wear this sweater every weekend because it's so comfortable and a variation of this look has become my staple weekend attire. 
Usually when I visit home, I get roped into going to the barn with my mom to see all the critters. And sometimes there's a small window when I miss the company of these furry animals. Ever since I moved away at 18 for college, I wanted nothing to do with them. I love to cuddle and squeeze any dog or cat and whenever I walk pass a horse, I go out of my way to pet their nuzzle and admire their beauty. I just know how much work they are! And me being 25 and single, I recognize and acknowledge how selfish I am. Maybe when I get older I'll be ready for a dog or cat. Right now, I'm still trying to keep my plants alive.
[sweater by american apparel, denim shorts by bdg, tights from target, boots c/o modcloth, socks by exhilaration]