Naomi & the Window Light

My title sounds like some indie band, but I love my subject, Naomi, and the window light in these photos. If Naomi was to star in her own band it should be Naomi & the Window Light Extravaganzas. It makes perfectly no sense and i like it.
As an intern, Naomi probably felt some obligation to accept my request to photograph her last winter. She might have thought I was creepy for asking her, but I was immediately inspired by her style and height and couldn't resist sharing her with you all! I seem to get incredibly giddy when I get to see Naomi or some of my past interns, Kara and Becky. It's like I've been reunited with long lost friends when I get to see them again and it's even more fun when I get to take pictures!
[skirt and shoes by f21, top borrowed from friend]
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