thoughts of you, warm my bones

I took Thursday and Friday off this week since I have to second shoot a wedding Saturday AND Sunday. By Wednesday, it already seemed liked it was Friday for some reason. I'm not sure if I would've made it through the entire week working. How nice it is to sleep in, get caught up on personal stuff and clean my apartment. And been on this Lisa Hannigan kick listening to one of my favorite songs of hers, "ocean and a rock" hence the title of this post. Good tune.

Since my mom's birthday was on the 28th, I'm heading back today to visit and take her shopping. I promise better photos soon of my outfits--just been short on time!

I wore this button up in a post a couple months back and wore it quite differently. I've been all about tying up my shirts lately and since this shirt is so comfortable, I thought it would be the perfect outfit to lounge around my mom's house and to go shopping. I'm not a fan of super hot summers so it's been a lot of simple tops and shorts for me. As much as I hate winter, I'm more inspired by fall and winter weather styles. I don't think I'd survive in an area without four seasons.
[shorts by zara, top by trouve, shoes so old i can no longer read who they're by]
Oh, p.s. my hair is straight. Finally got a haircut yesterday and Maggie likes to straighten it to finish the cut.
My eyes are closed and I look stupid, but wanted to share my construction gear look with you all..I've been going on worksites photographing construction for a work project. I laid down on my stomach in a gross area to get 'the shot'. I was covered in dirt and dust, but after this I stopped at a restaurant to pick me up lunch and I overheard little kids asking their mom, "what's all over her? Is that paint all over her?" Gotta love little kids.