make your siren's call


This past weekend turned out be quite exciting! I was supposed to second shoot a wedding up in northern Michigan and found out I wasn't actually needed! Instead, I went to Detroit to visit my friend Erin and as usual we went to Birmingham for lunch and to hit up a few of our favorite shops. We ate at a super cute restaurant, Forte and after I was really craving a caramel macchiato from Starbucks..

As we sat waiting for our drinks, my eyes met one super hot man and in an instant I realized I AM LOOKING AT GERARD BUTLER. We knew he was in town filming a movie and he's staying in Birmingham. Erin and I sat in shock for a moment and then stood next to him to grab our drinks. We stalled to leave to gather our composure (and sneak a photo) and as we left I noticed Ger following behind so I held the door open for him. He had his face down, but he said thank you to me. I think I might have blacked out. I don't remember saying you're welcome back or anything but just in shock that I had a moment with him. I love hot ruggedly handsome men and he fits that description. I think I would have had the same reaction to him whether he was a celebrity or not. He's just so good looking.  Woo!

[top from nordstrom, skirt by silence +noise, oxford heels by ciao bella, accessories from east lansing art festival vendors and tiffany]


Yay! I forgot to mention before, but I was selected as one of the third place winners for the Beso Inspired Contest on Chictopia! I didn't win cash, but I'll be featured in their August lookbook!