make me tame

New bag!
I'm finally getting settled into the week and it's now Wednesday. The holiday weekend was a blast--I spent some time in Detroit and my hometown near Muskegon to visit friends and family. A few highlights include the Deadmau5 concert with my friend Sarah, my friend Erin's boyfriend's uncle eating a june bug after winning the prized beer pong traveling trophy and finally swimming for the first time this summer, in a pool. I much prefer pools. My feet didn't have to touch anything icky and I didn't have to worry about swimming through someone else's urine. 

I wore the top half of this outfit yesterday to work with what has been pegged my poofy pants by my boss lady. I was privileged enough to hear her and our CEO both make fun of me, which provides me so much entertainment! If only they knew this only fuels my desire to wear more and more shit they think is weird. Our CEO even told me I looked like bullfighter in them that went through a hurricane...fair perception. I giggled so much over that comment I hurried and wrote it down in my notebook so I could remember it later.

After work, I usually just add jeans or shorts to whatever top I wore to work as I did yesterday. I decided to wear them with the cutoffs as has been my decision almost every day the last couple weeks. Love em!
[jacket by lucca couture, tank from nordstrom, shorts by levi's, bag by badgley mischka, heels by lucky]

Also, if you get a chance listen to this band I'm newly obsessed with-- Dead Confederate and listen to "the rat."