From styling my hair to what camera I shoot with, I'm asked a variety of questions. I wanted to finally take the time and and answer a few for you!

What camera do you shoot with?
Generally, I use my Nikon D700 and use the 50 mm 1.8 for details and use the 70-200 mm 2.8 for almost all the other shots.
Who takes your photos?
I have a few photographer friends in town and my mom will photograph me if I'm back in my hometown visiting. I occasionally do self-portraits.
As a photographer, who do you find inspiring?
My favorite fashion/portrait photographers are Richard Avedon and Annie Leibovitz. Before models showed any emotion or action in photos, Avedon had them jumping about and twirling. I love photography that shows movement and emotion. Leibovitz has the best lighting techniques. Every image of hers has such beautiful lighting.
Who is your favorite fashion designer?
If I could sum up my style it would be with anything designed by Alexander Wang. Minimalist, comfortable and rocker. I also love and am inspired by Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga.
What products do you use for you hair? Is your hair naturally that curly/huge?
I use mostly Biolage by Matrix products. I use their shampoo, conditioner, gelee and hair serum. If I want to loosen the curls in my hair, I reach for Aveda's straightening creme. I never blow dry and comb it unless I'm still in the shower, this cuts back on frizz. In the future, I'll do a more detailed post on how I manage my head of hair. And my hair is naturally curly and obnoxiously large. I straighten it maybe once a year. My hair is naturally a dull ashy blonde so I get the over all color lightened with highlights added.
What is your heritage/ethnicity?
I get this question a lot because of my hair I think. My father is Filipino/Polish. My grandma is Filipino and my grandpa was a blond-haired blue eyed Polish man. My dad in no way looks Polish and took after my grandma with thick, curly, black hair, dark eyes and skin and I inherited the big hair. My mom is a mix of white people. I should perhaps ask. Growing up, I was only questioned on my dad's ethnicity and I forget about my mom! She's not answering her phone right now either, so I'll add that in later.
What do you do for a living?
I do public relations and marketing for a government workforce development agency, Capital Area Michigan Works!. I'm also an associate photographer for Jason Aten Photography where I shoot mostly weddings. I occasionally do some freelance writing for  a couple publications and blogs.
Are you married?
Hell no. Not that I'm opposed, but too many other things are more of priority to me than finding "the one." Someday!
Why do you still live in Lansing, Michigan?
Lansing has been my home for six years. Michigan State University is located in East Lansing and I spent four years as an undergraduate student there and once I graduated I received the job offers in the area and stayed because I had a job. I'm now working on my master's degree in journalism at MSU, love my jobs and my friends here, although since it is generally a college town, people come and go all the time, sadly.
Are you connected to the fashion industry? Can you help me get a foot in the door?
I am in no way connected to anyone in the fashion industry. Sure wish I was!

If you have other questions for me, email me at kerbuski@gmail.com!