Gone Cloggin': The Affordable Edition

Thanks to Chanel and Miu Miu, the fashion crowd has been embracing the new clog trend whole-heartedly. Well, not entirely whole-heartedly. There are definitely those who can't seem to look past the hated clogs of yesteryear. I understand, but my main hesitation when it comes to putting those backless babies on my feet has been entirely different. Sure, clogs are clogs, but I like 'em. Have you seen Alexa Chung in them? Super cute! My problem is that they're always so darn expensive. And yes, in my opinion, $100 Jeffery Campbell shoes are expensive. So what to do? As an obsessive online fashion geek, it was a simple matter to troll the web for some cheaper options. And since I made the effort, now you don't have to! You're welcome. Check it out:

1. Payless, $24.99. I'm rather partial to this pair, actually, although I couldn't tell you if they look really cheap in person. I do like that they're a reasonable height, though, and you know I'm always down for anything with studs.

2. Target, $24.99. Studs again! And they're from Target, aka my faaaavorite store! Clogs, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

3. Baker's Shoes, $69.99. These ones look a lot more like the Chanel ones people have been raving about. Only they're about a million times cheaper. Go get 'em, Tiger.