visiting the fam

This isn't so much of an outfit post, but just an assortment of photos taken over the course of my visit back to my mom's place in Muskegon, Michigan. This is me after driving a couple hours west to my hometown wearing the same jacket I wore the day before.

First let me say this: my family drives me absolutely insane. If they're not sending STD singalong songs to my phone via text, they might be cage fighting (I keep yelling at my brother to stop doing that!), one-upping each other with tales of poop stories and odd shenanigans, screaming at one another or constantly trying to convince me to audition for reality shows. They're a hoot, but they were especially embarrassing when I was growing up. Today, they found entertainment in stealing my hat and impersonating Michael Jackson via my cousin Nick below.
My mom took my photos. I wasn't planning on an outfit post or anything, but my mom has fun with my camera so I just hand it over to her.
Chad, my brother who's a year younger than me
My little brother Dylan, who despite my constant pleading, refuses to cut his hair and wear a t-shirt.
A few of my favorite pups