I was so excited to style this dress when I got it from Spotted Moth! I'm so in love with it. I added the belt to cinch in the waist more and the blue wedges for a pop of color. It's cutesy and frilly, but the color and the print adds some edge, which I love. This will be my go to dress to wear if I have to attend any weddings or similar functions this summer.
[dress c/o spotted moth, wedges by jeffrey campbell, belt by gap, sunglasses by marc by marc jacobs]

Since I'm lazy and don't like photoshopping, I decided to just show off my bruises and my Hello Kitty band aid. On Friday I participated in my first kickball game for our team, MBC Ballers, which consists of my supervisor, other colleagues and a variety of super awesome cool people. I tripped and fell while practicing kicking the ball and running to first place and messed up my knees pretty badly. When I fell, a dust cloud arose and I laid face down, too embarrassed to emerge from the ground. It was at that moment an unknown person shouted, "THIS ISN'T ROLLER DERBY!" Haha! My legs are so attractive right now with the bruises, scrapes and 3,012 bug bites.
I bring the sass.
This is the alley area behind my fab loft apartment. I come back here if I'm too lazy to venture off any farther, plus I like to look at everyone's cute patio out of jealousy. Since I'm on the third floor, I don't get one! On the bright side, my apartment faces downtown Lansing so I have cute view of a park and in the distance I see our capitol building.
Photos by Becky Johns