downtown alleys

Yesterday, I got lunch with two of the interns, Kara and Jess. Jess has been my friend since I started working here two years ago and Kara was a previous communications intern for us  last year and now she works in another department. We went to Downtown Doghouse for lunch to satiate the mutual and chronic craving Jess and I have for hot dogs. I absolutely love eating at the downtown Lansing restaurants now that it's warm. Virtually all the places have patios and that's where my butt belongs at lunch time. 

Anyways, these girls are precious. I took a few photos of them and showed Jess how to use the monstrous camera I own so that I could show you guys what I wore to work yesterday.

Of course Kara runs into the shot haha!
[jacket by silence + noise, gingham top by french connection, pants by bdg, wedges by aldo, bag by marc by marc jacobs]
Jess and I!
This photo pretty much tells you everything about these two sillies. Love 'em!

And here a few photos from volunteering at the Chili Cook Off last Friday with the Lansing Derby Vixens:
 Holly aka Ida Stroya
Velma Revolver
I've finally chosen a derby name. After consulting with my friend Elyse who is both brilliant and hilarious, we thought of Rapunzel because of my hair and she came up with "Rapunchel." So there it is. I will be Rapunchel!

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