play day

On Friday, I went to Festival of the Moon in Old Town, the creative district in Lansing. The festival boasted an assortment of Bells beers and a variety of bands. I wanted something cute and playful to wear and instantly thought back to Jessica of What I Wore when she tied up her blouse like this. With inspiration from her and the need to bust out my old high waist shorts, I put this look together.

[top by lux, shorts by kensie, shoes by lucky, sunglasses from urban outfitters, bag by marc jacobs]
Since I didn't have time to shoot the photos on Friday, I had my mom take them the following day when I went to my hometown to visit friends and fam. My mom SWEARS the dog is actually smiling in this photo and she's obsessed with it telling me, "send your brother a cropped version of the one with Jasmine smiling!" The older of my two brothers has a special bond with the white dog named Jasmine and my mom was convinced he'd love a cropped photo of her with this goofy face below.
This is what happens when baby brothers attempt to sabotage outfit photos:
Take that Dylan! That should teach you to hop into my shots! 

And thank you to everyone for your kind comments about my local magazine cover/feature. I love you guys. <3