wily wiley reads.

born standing up by steve martin :: did you know steve martin started out as a magician?  yeah, neither did i.  i have always loved steve martin.  from the jerk to father of the bride, he has always seemed like a person i'd love in real life and this book only made me more certain.  he describes how he started in show business with a job at disney world and how he created his acts over the years.  i loved his honesty about all his downfalls and bloopers along the way and am very depressed that he has retired from standup...since now i've had an inside peek at how he created his own style of making people laugh.

mockingjay by suzanne collins :: if you still aren't with me on the hunger games series, than stop reading here.  for those of you who have read hunger games and catching fire, i can promise you a stellar finale.  these books make perfect beach reads.  or in my case, lay inside on a rainy day and read the entire book in one sitting.  choose your poison.

room by emma donoghue :: told from the perspective of a five year old boy, room tells the story of a boy and his mother living life in a single tiny room.  the only other person jack has ever seen, other than his mother, is old nick, the man who brings them food and clothing every few days.  dark and disturbing, you would think beautiful things could not be seen in these pages, but there are moments of joy and the realtionship between jack and his mother is inspiring.  she refuses to let jack suffer the feelings of imprisonment she faces and tries her hardest to create a childhood for jack.

the host by stephenie meyer :: you'll have to bear with me during the summer months, as this is when i get the chance to read some of the trashiest young adult fiction.  the host is by the authour of twilight, but is an incredibly different book.  no vampires this time around, now we have aliens.  i'm not usually one for science-fiction, but i quickly became hooked on this storyline.  a super race of aliens take over the souls of humans on earth, and only a few real humans remain.  this is another great beach read...and a real page-turner.

so once again, i'd love to hear what books i absolutely must read.  with lots of beach weekends and lake vacations coming up, i need a lot of literature to get me through the summer.  do you have a recommendation for me?