Old Town Art Fair

With a flask in hand and a bright outfit, I was properly prepared for a day at the Old Town Art Fair with friends Courtney, Ben and Don. We got lost on the way there and finally gave in to taking a cab the rest of the way there to learn we were only one block away. We ended being more amused by fire hydrants with a water fountain attachment and corn dogs. All in all, it was a good day.
I bought this top a long time ago from the persistence of my friend, Erin, who told me I needed to stop buying the same grey loose top over and over again and now I'm finally wearing it almost two years later. I paired them with blue pants, neutral shoes and a pair of bright blue Wisconsin earrings, a fun gift from Don's roommate when I visited Milwaukee for the first time last weekend.
[tank by french connection, jacket by zara, pants by bdg, shoes c/o wanted, accessories from kie&kate, wisconsin earrings gifted]
We all had our flasks on us somewhere, Courtney chose her back pocket.