Happy Memorial Day!

For part of the weekend my friend Kimmi visited. She's from my hometown area and I hardly get to see her anymore! We spent Saturday shopping to update her closet and I enthusiastically stepped up to the role as her pretend personal stylist. We had a blast reminiscing. I knew of her when I was still in high school and we had plenty of mutual friends, but it wasn't until I dated a douchebag in the beginning of college that solidified our friendship. Weirdly, I dated a couple members of the band her boyfriend (now husband) was in and we had so much fun going to shows together for years. I <3 you kimtim!

For the second half of the weekend I just stayed in town--bored out of my mind. I had to make it to roller derby practice so I couldn't commit to any weekend long plans. Thankfully I had SOMETHING to do today! This city has fun social stuff going on almost weekday even with today being a holiday. I met up with a few friends and met new amazing people on the patio in East Lansing, across from MSU's campus for Lansing Happy Hour Club. Yay people! And I saw Robin Hood! Loved it!
[tee by american apparel, vest by f21, denim cutoffs by levi, boots by deena & ozzy]
I wore this last week. It might've been too hot to wear the vest, but a leather vest is just what a plain tee and shorts need to give it some edge. These two leather wristbands are now staple accessories! They are my best purchase from the art festival last week.
Why I choose to publish these outtakes..I'll never know
Photos by Becky Johns