hot hot heat

I've been feeling a little burnt out lately and I'm trying to pick a few days to take off of work just to catch up on things. New goal: stop doing so much crap. For some reason, unlike my money, I like to save up all my PTO at work and do nothing with it. I'm hoarding my vacation days. I occasionally take a day off or a half day, but never a week. Anything I think to do for a vacation is just me doing more work. I'm driving myself crazy lately.

Anywho, I wore this for Day 2 of the art festival. It was so incredibly and painfully hot and so this little cotton dress was the best thing to throw on for a day of walking through crowded streets with fellow hot, sweaty people. I picked up these glasses in Chicago for my friend Ali since she had been on a search for heart shaped sunglasses and for the purposes of this shoot, I threw them on. Ali, you will get them on Sunday!

[dress and belt by american apparel, sunglasses by h&m]

Photos by Becky Johns

Time to get ready for bed! I must be at work by 6am-ish to prep for the bimonthly legislative breakfast we host. Let's hope the legislators show up!