out and about in east lansing

I think I might be having the most fun year ever. Because of blogging and my burgeoning interest in making better attempts at making friends and getting more involved in the community, I've been instantly bonding with new people. I love it. I have some friends like Kim of Crowded Closet I can always confide in and even though she's hundreds of miles away, she's been someone I can rely on. My friend Sarah who combined with her dancing skills, fiery personality and protectiveness (think creeper who comes up to me and caresses my hair without saying anything and sarah instinctively batting his hand away and yelling "DON'T TOUCH!") makes her the coolest person ever and is such a riot. And just meeting Becky, who has been helping me with photos for the blog and I literally just met two weeks ago, I already feel like we've been friends forever! I don't even know where to start with the derby girls. I feel like the little sister that gets to tagalong with the older sisters and their cool friends.

I just picked up this moto style jacket made of sweatshirt material. It's comfy, but still has the look of a bad ass jacket. Or at least I think so. This black tee has been in several of my posts. I can't get enough of it. The tees I have by Alexander Wang are my absolute favorite and are so versatile. I picked up these shorts in Philly and this was the first time I wore them. I liked that they were a little big and loose. I didn't notice the bit of glitter that's on the back pocket until after I purchased them though. I'm hoping that washes off eventually.

I launched off the bench and I got some mad air. Too bad the support in the boots is not existent, ouch ouch!
Photo by Becky Johns
[Sweatshirt jacket by silence+noise, black tee by t by alexander wang, shorts by h&m, boots by miss me, handbag by marc by marc jacobs]
Photos by Becky Johns

Better late than never..Here are a few photos I took from the Seawolf show last Tuesday. For the past three years, I've loved this band and I finally got to see them play live. They sounded so good live!


Tomorrow I get to see my friend Jimmie and his band Every Avenue play in Detroit and photograph them. I'm heading out there early to chill with them and take some candid shots. I feel as if I'm fulfilling every tween/teen girl's fantasy. I'll post those soon!