a visit to chicago

I made a trip to Chicago to visit my oldest and bestest friend, Courtney. When I moved schools and joined Ravenna in 4th grade, she was one of my first friends and we've been so close ever since. We've grown up together and she's such an amazing friend the last 15 years. I played matchmaker more than four years ago while a sophomore in college and introduced Courtney to her boyfriend Ben. Now, they have the cutest apartment in Chicago and I love coming to visit, which I need to do more often!

Courtney is so stylish yet, frugal. She's so good about not blowing her money, but remaining stylish and oh so cute. She was voted "Best Dressed" in high school and she's even more fabulous now.

I had to sneak photos of Court because she wouldn't let me photograph her solely for my blog. Instead, I kept catching her off guard. It's hard not to catch her without food. She's itsy bitsy but the girl eats more food than anyone I know, hehe!
[scarf by h&m, jacket by h&m, shirt from target, jeans by guess]
My friend Don from high school was also in Chicago. He lives in Milwaukee now and he met up with us for dinner before we head to a burlesque show where another friend in high school is playing in the band.
We went here for dinner! Nom!
Court's boyfriend, Ben!

[cute jacket by gap]