we'll sit and watch the sunrise

I love the feeling I have after a huge project I spent months of time on finally happens and goes well. I'm in that state of euphoria still almost a week later after my work's annual dinner. In celebration, I joined a group of friends and fellow Michigan State University Young Alumni on a party bus to see a Piston's game in Detroit last Friday. I made the mistake of drinking a wine glass containing the now banned Four Loko beverage. While this kept me filled with energy to dance the entire way home on the party bus, it ultimately resulted with me lying awake in my bed for hours, followed by watching a variety of infomercials of blenders and magic wrinkle erasers interspersed with a series of commercials I thought no longer existed like The Clapper and Chia Pets until I finally fell asleep close to 8 a.m.
After surviving Friday, I wore this sweater dress out for a friend's birthday for dinner and dancing. This cozy angora sweater dress Lulu's sent me is my new favorite item in my wardrobe. I don't normally feel a little sassy in sweater dresses, but the print paired with thigh highs made it a fun alternative to a cocktail dress that I might worn out instead that night. I've now realized the absence of sweater dresses in my closet and must stock up for the winters I'm prepared to endure here in Michigan.
[dress c/o lulu's, thigh highs by exhilaration, heels by kelsi dagger]
Photos from the Party Bus: Me, Monica, Katie, Rachael
A few of the boys: Chris, Loukas, Mike, Tom, Mike
Amanda tied a few balloons into hats at the game