A Visit to Philadelphia!

Once I found out I'd be in Philly when I joined my friend's band, Every Avenue on tour, I quickly told Kim of eat.sleep.wear. For newer readers if you didn't know, I met Kim last year during fashion week in New York and we bonded immediately. I even visited her last April in Philly and had such a blast! I was only in Center CIty for the day, so Kim and I met up first at Reading Terminal with her super great boyfriend Brian to catch up over lunch. And of course devour some cupcakes. Here are a few photos that Brian took of us!
Kim had to return to work for a couple hours and I then met up with Victorianna, an old friend I haven't seen in years. We both were on the equestrian team at Michigan State University (she stuck it out all four years, I lasted one.) It was great catching up while we shopped on Walnut St. Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage met up with us later and I was so pumped to meet her! I love her blog and she was so much fun to hang out with! I couldn't stop admiring her outfit or her hair! Ha!
Victorianna and Veronika
The three of us met up with Kim at a new wine bar, where Kim and Veronika got to meet. It was such a fun, but quick meet up. We must all meet up again! Soon!
After it was time for me to leave, Kim walked me to the subway to make sure I knew my way and even waited outside the train window and waved goodbye as I left. It was so sad because it definitely was not enough time to see her. She's one of those people you could hang out with forever and never grow tired of. Kim has such a fun spirited personality and I just love her.
To see Kim's photos, check out her blog eat.sleep.wear!