puppy love

With a friend's wedding on Friday and a girl's night out get-together planned on Saturday, my weekend flew by in a snap. Since the wedding was near my hometown, I stayed in town that night to see my mom's creepily favored dog's six week old puppies. My mom breeds miniature Australian Shepherds and she has three of her own. All of which sleep in her bed, pile onto her lap and generally follow no rules that the other two mutt dogs and family members are expected to abide by. Take for instance when my mom is on the computer and the favorite dog named Lily wants attention. She'll slowly creep her way onto the desk and in front of the computer screen. My mom finds it so charming she can't bear the thought of punishing Lily and she repeats this "cute' behavior over and over again.  I suppose it must be hard to discipline them when they're cute. 
I remember when Beau, the boy dog my mom breeds was a puppy. I'd be sleeping and I'd feel a little nibble on my toes and I would tell him, "NO!" and he understood and immediately stopped. As soon as I'd lay back down and he suspected I was no longer paying attention, he went back at it biting up my feet.
This new leather jacket has become an instant staple in my wardrobe. I had been on the hunt for a new leather jacket and when I saw this BCBG jacket was half off, I couldn't help myself. I styled this simple look for visiting my mom and running errands on Saturday.
[leather jacket by bcbg, jeans by guess, belt by american apparel, boots by nyla, striped top by knt by kova and t, fingerless gloves by deena and ozzy, bag by badgley mischka]
This is Jersey
This yawn photo kills me.
Jersey lets you flop her all over. She is such a laidback pup.
This is Ava I think. I can't keep these all these babies' names straight.
(psst..puppies are for sale!)