pumped up kicks

For almost any occasion there's a little black dress that goes perfectly with any event. I have versions work appropriate and ones..not as work appropriate. This particular look was worn to work. I added some feminine details with the the sash tied in a bow in the back and a cute bow headband from Tea Accessories.
Oh and HAPPY DECEMBER! I've already gotten a majority of my Christmas shopping done, mostly because I won't have time to procrastinate this year. I'm joining my friend's band, Every Avenue on a holiday tour towards the end of the month through Pennsylvania, New York and Michigan to photograph their shenanigans. I've been bugging Jimmie since last summer to get something worked out where I could join them for a week, because at this point, it's the longest I can get away from work. Finally, something I can join them on! Expect lots of photos from that and of their style!
[dress by akira, sash by american apparel, shoes by kelsi dagger, tights courtesy of modcloth, headband courtesy of tea accessories]