royal oak

So I've been catching the cold that's been going around. I suppose that's what I get for surviving off bags of m&m's, red bull and hot cheetos. I kept things low key this weekend and went to the Detroit area on Saturday to meet up with Suze of Miss Vinyl Ahoy and Katelyn of Shop Vogue Vintage (who took these photos for me!) We went to a couple shops in the Royal Oak area and I tried on a variety of amazing fur coats from Paris, my favorite vintage store. Suze looked amazing in a leopard print hat that I'm convinced she MUST purchase.
I think of shopping as a sport. I need to be able to remove or add layers, move swiftly and have my arms free. A hoodie, leather jacket, jeans and a bag i can wear cross my body is the perfect combination for a shopping day outfit, especially for me. Although the boots may not be practical, I'm a pro in them. Yes, I suffer from the occasional trip and fall, but who doesn't? :)
[hoodie and leather jacket by gap, boots by nyla, jeans by bdg, bag by rebecca minkoff]
My new hoodie has GOLD zippers and hardware details. I've coined it my fancy hoodie.
My signature cat move.
Hanging out in Royal Oak yesterday I was reminded of this hilarious parody of the Pure Michigan ad campaign. If you're not from Michigan, or the midwest, you may not have watched or heard these commercials with Tim Allen's voice talking about the lush greenery to run through barefoot or beautiful sunsets that cascade beautiful colors of light over the great lakes (I hate adjectives so understand how much it pains me to pull this out of my ass and write like what I hear in these ads.) Here's the video of Royal Oak and here's an example of a real ad in case you're not familiar. Hehehe.