Guest Post: Mike

Mike is one of those guys who always looks put together. I admire him for his efforts seeing how not a week goes by I don't look disheveled and dirty. When I first met him I thought him and his girlfriend were probably the most attractive people in the world and turns out, they are the most fun too! I bother them endlessly about being their wedding photographer whenever they take that next step in their relationship, haha! Anyways, not only is Mike easy to photograph, he's such a good friend and has some serious style, especially when it comes to dressing professionally. So here he is!
I work in sales and I'd be lying if I said first impressions were not very important. To be taken serious as a business professional, especially as a young pro, you have to appear put together and confident, which surprisingly, clothes can do for you. 
[Shirt by Robert Graham, tie-vintage, shoes by Robert Wayne, suit by Pal Zileri, pocket square by Jos. A. Banes, watch by Diesel]
I am lucky in my line of work as I deal with interior design firms on a daily basis. This allows me to add some flashier colors, like pink (or salmon for all you men who don’t wear pink) to my outfits.  I can also get away with rocking a 5 o’clock shadow most of the time, but let’s be honest, I'm Italian and it appears by lunchtime anyway.  
My advice, don't be afraid to wear color! I recently read somewhere that women are attracted to the color red. It has to do with its ability to stand out and be noticed quickly. I personally like wearing the color purple. I try to add that into many of my daily outfits as an accent. 
[sweater by Banana Republic, shirt by Prada, tie by Timo Cosura, pants by Zanella, boots by Giorgio Brutini and watch by Bulova]
My personal style has much to do with fit and finish. One of my biggest guilty pleasures is having my clothes custom fitted to me. There are people out there that can just go shopping, pick up clothes and it fits, but to me (who happens to be between two sizes on everything) having it tailored just right is the only way to go. That way, your clothes fill out your frame perfectly without sagging or suffocating you. 
Like any fashionable male out there, GQ is the bible in regards to everything. I also rely on my Uncle Jim for style tips who is a partner in a men’s clothing store, Adesso.

A note from Andrea: For more photos, click here! What do you ladies think of men experimenting with different colors in their wardrobe?