Weekend Outfit

[leather jacket by bcbg, red heels c/o spotted moth, faux fur vest by f21, tee by wildfox, jeans by bdg, aviators by banana republic]

I spent the majority of the weekend annoying my mother with my excessive potty mouth and laughing at her expense. Actually, I think only the latter bothered her though. Hanging out with my mom brought back memories of me being a little asshole growing up.
I grew up doing things like interviewing my stepdad for the high school newspaper when I wrote a piece focused on the evolution of the mullet haircut, which my stepdad was and is a case study. Nothing was off limits and I had complete freedom growing up. Probably because there was six children total and to keep track of us all was a difficult task.
My mom and I spent part of the day shopping on Saturday. She convinced me not to buy the amazing green leather handbag from Coach and laid hard truths on me like "No, don't wear that hat. I hate it. You look stupid." I wore this out shopping with her and she loved the shoes, which Spotted Moth sent me. Thanks Monica, these are mother approved!