Teen Vogue Madness

I thought I had stopped subscribing to Teen Vogue, but apparently not. This is a good thing, because while I had been feeling like it had gone downhill lately, I have quite a soft spot for that particular mag. I've been subscribing to it for years, since YM and ElleGirl died long ago, so it has that keen sense of nostalgia tied to it. Even today, when I regularly partake in Nylon, Lula, Vogue, Missbehave, and whatever glossies grab my attention on the racks at B&N, unearthing the latest Teen Vogue from a stack of mail brings a smile to my face. 

So it is with great joy that I announce that not only am I still receiving the mag, but I think its on its way up once more! This issue had some great fashion shoots. I haven't read the articles yet, because the pictures are most of the reason for my fashion mag obsession, but the styling is once again up to my (considerably questionable) standards. Yay! My favorite demonstrated the comeback of two particular '90s trends I wish would stay in the past - bucket hats and the bare midrift - but I've always been a sucker for the laid-back, why-yes-I-wear-my-boyfriend's-old-jeans look. Yum.

See the rest of the ed here. Or else.

Strangely enough, I had a dream about Teen Vogue last night. In the dream, Jazzi McGilbert emailed me to tell me she had talked to some guy at Teen Vogue named Brad and managed to snag me a week-long trial internship. So I get to the offices, only they're nothing like the ones I visited during Fashion U. For some reason I ended up among a group of wannabe-longterm-interns sitting with our feet in a pool and working to memorize a set of rules. Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld, and Amy Astley sat across the pool from me, staring sternly. A few kids were diving into the pool, and I wondered how they could do that while the editors were giving us such death glares. 

Wow, how ridiculous. Especially given that I've met Amy and she's totally sweet. And why would three editor-in-chiefs spend their time intimidating interns with their piercing gaze? And, um, a pool in the Teen Vogue offices? Really? I think not! Still, it was a good dream, and it was fun being friends with dream-Jazzi. Half asleep, in the midst of texting my friend about my new internship, I realized it wasn't real. Drat.

The post is now over. I don't even wanna think about how many times I wrote "Teen Vogue" in this particular entry, haha.