Target Musings

The Target Go: International collections haven't done it for me lately. I haven't been to see Thakoon in person, so I suppose it could be better than expected, but I'm honestly just not interested. Not really my style, thankyouverymuch. Private Label Collection 5, however, appeals much more to my slightly punkier sensibilities. I'm not gonna pretend it's anything special, but it looks a lot more promising than Thakoon, at least for me. Asymmetrical hemlines, grungy denim, fitted tops, zippers, studs, and black - yes, please.

Although if I'm gonna be honest here, I could reaaallly do without the horrendous puffed-ponytail-and-hoop-earrings combo the model is sporting with a lot of the looks. Target isn't so on target (har har, Target on target) with the styling, methinks. 

While we're talking about Go: International, I guess I should mention that BETSEY JOHNSON FOR TARGET WOULD BE BLOODY BRILLIANT!

Whoah, I said "methinks" and "bloody." I am turning into a Brit. I blame my daily reading of Style Bubble.