A Beautiful Headcase

Hello, lovelies! Sorry I've been kinda MIA lately. Double ear infections and broken laptops are not exactly conducive to blogging.

Last month I was gushing about how, after a disappointing downward spiral in quality, Teen Vogue appeared to be getting its fashion groove on once more. The March issue proves it. I don't know what changes have been made in the offices, but whatever they are, they are seriously working. I loved every one of the photoshoots in this issue. Innovative and adorable, they are just what I've come to hope for (and possibly now, expect) from Teen Vogue.

My favorite one, Beautiful Dreamer, showcased outfits styled around mens' pajamas. I'm pretty sure the editorial was inspired by Spring '09 Dolce & Gabbana, and I found it very creative, not to mention beautiful. I'm not sure if I'll be wearing mens' pajamas out, but the fact that I'm even considering it means Teen Vogue deserves serious props.

Check it out (apologies for the lousy photo quality...my scanner was acting up and I couldn't find scans on the internet so I had to use my camera):

Beautiful and dreamy indeed! See the March issue for the rest of the shoot.

I also really appreciated Head Case, which focused on semi-outrageous, playful, and girly head accessories. Look how cute!

Source: TFS

This shoot just makes me want to pile on the colorful accessories and giggle with girlfriends. Reminds me a bit of iCiNG's old catchphrase; "Dress up, leave a false name, be legendary." Very Betsey Johnson - meets Luella - meets Marc Jacobs, I think.

No, I don't work for Teen Vogue, although frankly I wish I did. I just have much love for the publication. Keep it up, li'l Vogue!