jazz fest

I wore this last Friday for Jazz Fest. I took a half day at work and met up with my friend Becky for lunch. Becky snapped some of these quickly outside in East Lansing and Paige of Little Nell Vintage was walking outside on her way to work and introduced herself to me! Check out her blog! I knew she looked familiar, but didn't realize I knew her through blogging until she approached me. I love when I run into fashion bloggers randomly around town. I feel as if it would happen more in a larger city so I get so excited when it happens to me in Michigan!

Anyways, Jazz Fest was a blast! Thanks to a colleague not able to use the VIP tickets given to him, they trickled down to me eventually. I took full advantage of this since I enjoy free food and drinks. I even tried a local raspberry beer!

I picked these shorts up from Urban on sale and paired them with this simple black top. I feel the need to wear some sort of heel with these types of shorts because I have short legs (I'm barely 5'4") and an unfortunately nonexistent butt, a sad combination really. Thanks to my heels though, I'm given a small lift. 
[top by f21, shorts by silence+noise, wedges by aldo, headband by tea accessories]
Photos by Becky Johns

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