got the blues

I've been such a sad sack this week, but I suppose with good reason. Earlier in the week I got into another fender bender on my way to a work event. I'm close to giving up on driving completely. I can't be trusted behind the wheel of a car. Argh. If I only knew this particular mock election undesired "win" would foreshadow my future so:
(ps that's my sweet '87 buick lesabre)

I really liked how these photos came out. I wore this to work earlier this week and since it was raining, I grabbed a jacket so a few of my photos are with the jacket layered on. You might be thinking "Andrea, wtf it's summer." I know this, but I get all itchy when rain touches me and I've lost both of my umbrellas. So the next best thing was a jacket. I'm that fool you see running in heels with a jacket over my head to seek shelter from light drops of rain. I miss layering so much. I can't wait for summer to be over with. I'm over it!
[seagull satin top by kld, skirt by silence+noise, heels by steve madden, jacket by zara]
I heart the front pocket.
Photos by Becky Johns, well except for this one :)
Also, check out one of my best friends (she received the coveted mock election award: best dressed :)), Courtney's new blog! She'll be sharing relevant deals (that's what she does for a living online) and she along with another friend, Amber will give try out affordable trends and beauty and report back!