Two Things

I'm lying here in a plaid flannel men's button-down, short flaired denim skirt, and grey zebra-striped Rogan for Target leggings. If this sounds ridiculous, it is. But it's also comfy as hell. When I walked into bio class this morning, a few older girls exclaimed, "Aw, look at you in your little skirt!" and I felt remotely patronized (even though the intention was to flatter), but it's all good. Icy days make me want to feel warm 'n cozy.

Two things:

♥ I have a Twitter account as of about 30 minutes ago. Yes, I totally jumped on the bandwagon. Look me up, lovelies; right now I am lonely and  Twitterfriendless!

♥ This is more exciting, which is why I'm writing about it second. I Heart Daily is an adorable new site run by Anne Ichikawa and Melissa Walker, former editors for ELLEgirl (RIP.) I think they explain the idea behind the site better than I could:

"I Heart Daily is a free newsletter of stuff we like. Each day, you’ll find out about one thing: The band you should hear, the girl who’s kicking ass in the world, the lipstick color that looks good on everyone, the designer who doesn’t have a fashion show yet but is completely amazing… you get the idea.You’ll never hear about stuff we hate, just stuff we heart. We’re nice that way."

It's a fun read, and even more fun is the fact that today's feature is me! There's a totally flattering article (thanks so much, Anne!) and an interview, so check it out.

Okay, back to work. Or, you know, putting off work to play with Twitter. (Just kidding, mom!)