T to da Hakoon fo' Targizzle

Ooh, rap title! Ya betta dig it, yo. 


I haven't been too excited about Thakoon for Target, to be honest. It just seems a bit silly to put out a resort line at a bargain store during an economic recession. Sure, the kind of people who shop at, say, Neiman Marcus may need to buy some pieces for a trip to the Caribbean, but the timing just seems odd when these pieces are sold at Target instead. Well, maybe I'm just a bit bitter because a portion of my winter vacation will be spent in Washington, D.C. instead of someplace warm (note: am actually excited about this trip; am seeing les Miz), but mostly I think it's just frustrating that I won't be able to wear some of the things I buy until the season changes. That said, this presents an interesting styling challenge should I choose to wear the pieces at the end of December.

Anyway, I kind of went off on a tangent. This post was meant to say something like, "The preview photos of Thakoon for Target weren't so impressive to me, but check out this majorly cute video!"

Anyway, I am now more excited for the collection, and since my birthday is coming up (the 20th! Yay!) I should have some birthday cash to drop on any Thakoon items that catch my eye.

Well, only three more weeks til we can make a more comprehensive judgement. Poor Thakoon; the Alexander McQueen and Rogan Loomstate for Target collections are kind of stealing his thunder.

P.S. I realize I've been really bad about replying to your wonderful comments lately. I just responded to all the comments from the last page of articles or so; I really do appreciate what you have to say!