The World is Spinning Fashion

I'm sitting here feeling horrifically dizzy and mighty pissed about it, but I've decided the show must go on. I've been dying to get a good post up here for days, so I'm not going to let a freak vertigo-ish attack keep me from it. I'm warning you, though; I might be skimping on pictures. And possibly on writing quality. In fact, this is basically a "Hey, look what I'm finding exciting right now" link list with a bit of loopy commentary. But since I am fighting my body's protests to write it, I command you to read and enjoy and comment as you will. And I apologize ahead of time for the disjointed rambling that is no doubt to come.

♥ I've been meaning to mention this one for a while: Frankie B, a clothing line that until recently has escaped my notice, just released a gorgeous short film called "Let's Get Lost."

It has this hazy, dreamy quality that I always adore; in fact, it reminds me a bit of Lula, if Lula were a California Girl of My Dreams. And the clothes - wow, am I dying to get my hands on them! Hippie meets rocker meets laid back Rumi-esque styling = I want.

♥ Maybe everyone else has already realized this and I'm just a bit slow on the uptake, but WHOAH AGATHE IS BACK! That's right - the beloved, mysteriously gone missing, Norwegian style genius is actually posting photos occasionally.

I am so relieved and ridiculously thrilled. Oh, how stalker-y fashion blogging makes a person! I find myself thinking of her as a long lost friend, and yet I am having trouble remembering if I ever even commented on her blog, despite its (lofty) position on my daily reading list. But Agathe, if you ever read this, I'm so glad you're okay, and welcome back!

♥ I bought the cutest Converse blazer at Target the other day. It was going to premiere here in a self-styled and shot photo shoot, but that's going to have to wait. Instead, I'll link to the obnoxious photo of it on the Target website. Actually, I'll post a picture of the back of the blazer, just to show the really nice cut, but for the front you'll need to look elsewhere. The model wearing it is all wrong, and I will not endorse her blazer-butchering on this blog.

You should note that this blazer looks significantly different in real life - a lot less polished and much more rock 'n roll. Very Converse, actually. I am seriously in love. That photo shoot will happen, people. Just not while my brain feels like it's being stirred 'round and 'round by a malicious spoon. (I did warn you my commentary would be loopy, didn't I?)

♥ When I realized Comme des Garcons for H&M wouldn't be available in Boston, my sadness and agitation possibly even rivaled that of the lovely Dreamecho, especially since I was planning on actually stooping low enough to wait outside of the store the day the collection dropped. But now, having seen Erin Wasson's self-styled photos of herself clad in CDG for H&M, I am even more upset.

The preview photos of the line (which you can find all over this tFS thread) had definitely captured my attention and desire, but seeing how fantastically cool those pieces look on Erin just ups my need to wrap my greedy fingers around some polkadot tops and drop-crotch bottoms, cackling evilly with the knowledge that they will be mine. Yes, I am a wee bit of a fanatic. I hope H&M realizes that its turning me into a crazy person.

Okay, I (as always) have lots more to say, but I think I really need to close my eyes for a bit. Still, I'm already feeling a bit better, so hopefully the dizziness is passing. Hmm, maybe fashion was the cure?