College Revelations

I think I forgot to mention that I would be spending the last few days touring colleges. Well, that's where I was, for the curious. I'm not sure what one is supposed to learn from these visits, but while spending the night in my friend Sherry's dorm, I learned that my glasses are supremely more flattering than those Buddy Holly geek-chic frames favored by so many hipsters. Shame. They are so fun to wear.

Other fashion tidbits I picked up? Well, one of my tours boasted a few stylish girls who almost manged to steal my attention from the gorgeous campus. One girl, a New Yorker (of course), wore flat, black, vintage lace up booties, ripped red tights, a sweet floral dress, and a baggy plaid jacket. Topped with a blond bob cut completely straight across on the bangs and tips, she looked achingly cool. Another look that captured my attention wasn't unique enough to bother sharing, but the girl wearing it had drawn wingtip, brogue-like styling across the toes of her Keds, and I thought they looked amazing. And my tour guide had the most perfect pixie cut I've seen in ages.

Don't worry about me, grasshoppers; most of my focus was on the schools I visited. But fashion doesn't tremble in the light of higher education, and neither does my style-watching brain.