Tough as Nails

I'm currently loving the styling of Alternative Apparel's "Alternative Earth" collection as shown on the website. It has a sort of desert/military theme, and I think it looks laid-back, grungy, and slightly badass. In other words, it's just plain cool.

The clothing may be eco-friendly gym wear (although, to be honest, I'd wear it on a day-to-day basis), but what I love is how the accessories bring it to the next level. Fingerless leather gloves, long-strapped leather bags, and gauzy beige scarves make me think of Tank Girl, a certain type of casual Israeli style, the military, and hiking. White smudges and dirty-clean tousled hair are a nice finishing touch. I'm really fighting the urge to wear goggles on my head tomorrow; how cool does that look? And fingerless leather gloves - well, those I've been wanting for over a year now. Must find perfect pair.

At the very least, I plan to pull out my cargo pants, stomp around in my combat boots, and blast my bedhead with hairspray come morning. Which, of course, will lead me to drink black coffee and snarl single-word responses to any questions. When a girl looks tough as nails, she's gotta act the part. You know how it is.