Movies in which characters dress in curtains:

1. The Sound of Music. It's okay 'cause the movie is quintessentially hokey. Plus, Maria is totally a curtain-ripping, guitar-strumming, convent-leaving rebel. Roar.

2. Cinderella. Again, allowed. It's a Disney movie, for chrissake. And let's face it - when mice and birds can sew a gown more quickly than Christian Siriano, no one cares that they used the window drapes.

3. Enchanted. Clearly allowed, since it's a parody of Disney princess movies. Not to mention that the resulting dress was adorable.

4. Lifetime's Coco Chanel.

That's right, you read correctly. Picture me, mouth wide open with shock, watching as a badly cast Coco Chanel spends a minute tearing apart a dress, pairing it with a piece of her own curtains, and talking solely in quotes from the real Chanel. Yep, the movie was that bad.

Oh, and did I mention the mystery of the ever-disappearing, horrifically fake French accents? And the stiff, terrible acting?

Then again, I must commend Shirley Maclaine for keeping a straight face while spewing out more quotes in a single breath than most people hear in a lifetime. Bravo, weirdly Americanized Coco!

Final consensus: Watch only for laughs.