Ramble, Ramble

Well, grasshoppers, the days are finally getting colder! On the one hand, I'm delighted to pull out my fall/winter wardrobe, which I've always preferred, but on the other, I don't exactly adore freezing my (stylishly-clad) tush off.

Well, we can't have everything. I prefer to see the cliche, metaphorical glass as half full.

My cold weather wardrobe is a bit sloppy and oh-so-comfy. Long sweaters, plaid flannel, leather boots, black leggings, etc. Last night I hacked the legs off a pair of jeans (RIP Resurrected Jeans; Welcome, New Shorts.) to make some sweet denim cut-offs to layer over tights this fall. Armed with a razor, tweezers, nail scissors, and basically anything else I could think of, I settled down to do some artful shredding as a finishing touch.

Cut to me three hours later, jolted from some weird fashion trance by the trill of my cell phone. It is the dead of night and I am surrounded by a flurry of denim threads, my white-knuckled fingers wrapped around the handle of the razor in a serious death grip, face and hair completely wild. When I rush to grab the phone, the sleepy voice of my mother quietly informs me that my antics have woken the entire household.


So you see, even if my posting is a bit slow these days, fashion is still quite a presence in my life. I am searching for the perfect, affordable (faux) leather jacket, and I plan to prove to my mother that those shorts were totally worth it by putting together the rockingest outfit you ever did see. And despite the fact that I'm about $20 short of broke, a few more flannel shirts and this courderoy dress will make their way into my closet.

Like I said, I'm a glass-half-full kinda girl.