I Vote McQueen

I'm sitting here doing homework (well, okay, I was doing homework up until I checked my email and decided to share my findings) and feeling a bit nervous about the election. I voted this morning; you should too! America is a democracy, so vote for the man you believe will be the best president. . .as long as that man is Obama. Ha, I slightly jest.

Anyway, if Mccain-Palin win the race and we all have to flee the country, we can at least cheer ourselves up with this news, which I just found in WWD.

"Target in March will launch a new fashion initiative called Designer Collaborations. The program will bring the styles of well-established designers to the mass merchant at typical Target prices. Alexander McQueen is the first on deck and will design a version of his McQ collection called McQ Alexander McQueen for Target. The collection will have rock 'n' roll influences and edgy details such as studs and tattoo-print fabrics. Designer Initiative is a separate program from Target's Go International, which focuses on young or emerging designers. Target said additional Designer Collections will be announced in the future. Each collection will be available in stores for a limited time."


McQueen for Target. Obama for America?

One can only hope.