Happy Halloween

I ended up having a fairly nontraditional Halloween last night. With only a few hours available for celebration, and having rejected all of the costumes at the local iParty, I culled a fairly lame costume from the depths of my closet with intentions of attending a Halloween party.

I guess I was trying to be some sort of "punk rocker chick," but when I made my way to the door, studded purse in hand, and my mom stopped me to ask why I wasn't dressed up, it became clear that I was dressed in the kind of outfit I would wear on a normal day. Whoops. I did make the mistake of taking inspiration from this outfit of Gala's, which wasn't exactly a costume. But at least I have some sweet ripped tights now! And since I ended up skipping the party in favor of a dinner out with friends, the fairly normal costume turned out to be a blessing in disguise (pun intended.)

My Halloween look was fairly uninspiring, so why don't you look at these instead:

Louise amidst skulls . . . spooky . . .

Alix is the classic witch in a perfect location

thegreatdawn made this amazing Bjork dress! (found in this BlackCigarette post.)

♥ Ooh! Ooh! I want Hermes sneakers too!

♥ Taghrid clearly has a knack for fantastic costumes. Can you say wow?

♥ And also, wow?

Cobrasnake has posted tons of Halloween pics since I last looked, so I'm off to take a peek! The actual holiday may be over, but I still have a bucket full of leftover candy to munch on, faux spiderwebs adorning my doorway, and some crazy party photos to live vicariously through. Hope everyone had an amazing day/night!