20 Years Old & Still Playing Dress-up

I'm twenty years old today. I guess I have to remove the "musings of a teenage fashion blogger" bit from my header.

The other day I was doing some last minute Hannukah shopping at Target when, lo and behold, the Rodarte collection was already on the racks! I didn't have much time and I was supposed to be shopping for other people, but I managed to snag a skirt. I think it's quite beautiful. Clearly lingerie-inspired, and the way the tulle hangs over it is raggedly floaty enough at the hem to give off that Rodarte vibe. A pleasant surprise!

I also tried on the coral-colored slip dress, which I thought was fantastically gorgeous, but alas it is meant for someone with a smaller chest. The lace-print dress was nice, just not very Rodarte-ish nor especially flattering in fit. The lace cardigan was pretty, if you can deal with the fact that it's scratchy. As for the stuff I didn't try on, I'm kicking myself for leaving behind the yellow skirt, the legwear was not present, and nothing else really did it for me. And that's my take on the whole thing. Still, I liked the collection a lot more than past designer collections for Target, and I really love my new skirt.

God, I can't believe I'm done being a teenager. It's about time.