Let's Party

Does anyone else feel an inexplicable need to buy clothes they will not have occasion to wear? No? Well, I do. I am always drawn to kick-ass party dresses, despite the fact that I am not a "party girl" and my idea of a wild night doesn't get much more exciting than driving around super-late, running around in some woods in the dark, and skinny-dipping. Umyeah. Did I really just admit that in a public forum? It's okay. I live in a really, really boring suburban area and I'm mostly pretty content to hang with my friends or my laptop or my books. The truth comes out.

Moving on.....

My latest party dress obsession? This reasonably-priced little number from Twelve by Twelve:

Cool, huh? The tan layer is actually mesh, which makes it, at least in my mind, a little rock 'n roll. I'd wear it with my black ankle boots, messy hair, and maybe a studded cuff or two.

Now that I think of it, the outfit is a bit reminiscent of the Courtney Love look that Little J is rocking in the videos of her band, Pretty Reckless, which I have been watching a wee bit obsessively. It's just...who knew she had that in her? I won't pretend it's brilliant, but I like it. Can't believe that voice comes out of that little 15-year-old girl we're used to seeing in Gossip Girl. (Yes, I watch it. I am not proud.)