American Apparel: The Want/Need Edition

I'm liking some of the new styles trickling into American Apparel:

1) Cotton Seersucker Bloomers. $25 for a pair of cutesy undergarments that, should they come into my possession, would be worn as shorts. I'm not the cutesy type, but I'm sure I could toughen 'em up a bit.

2) Tie Dye Interlock Pencil Skirt. Pencil skirts are typically part of fairly put-together outfits, while tie dye is by definition relaxed. So yes, I'm a fan of the contrast in this skirt.

3) Unisex Denim Jacket. I like denim jackets, but the black color here makes it classic and more chic than the typical pale blue faded denim.

4) Super Sheer Circle Scarf. I was lusting over this scarf in solid form, but the sheer version is even cooler. Not to mention more appropriate for the upcoming warm weather. 

I guess a trip into the city to the nearest American Apparel is in the cards. I wanna see these babies in person before I shell out the cash. My head is swimming with ideas for that scarf. What do you think?