Coraline & Creepers

Long time no see, grasshoppers! I missed you!

Has anyone seen the movie Coraline? I watched it last week, and I found the animation absolutely breathtaking. The first half of the movie was completely amazing, and although I think the story became a bit forced or rushed or something in the second half, I still loved it. Go watch! 

I should also mention that Coraline's style sensibilities were excellent.

See? Girl was rocking a police hat so well it made me want to do the same. In fact, Daria wore a similar cap in March's Vogue Paris. Coraline also shone in a star print sweater that reminded me of Spring '08 Chanel, and I really loved her blue bob, which reminded me a bit of this street style snap of Katie Schillingford. Well done, Little C!

Also, I made this collage for personal inspiration maybe a week ago, but I think it's worth sharing:

Yep, I'm liking creepers lately. They are so, so hideous. I'm not sure why I like them. Yikes.

Because the collage wasn't originally gonna be posted up here, I didn't save the sources. Sorry, folks. But I do remember taking photos from Style Bubble,, Nylon, and The shoes on the bottom left are definitely Dior, and I definitely love them. I believe the top right is Nathan Jenden. The multiple ways these shoes can be styled is baffling, no? As is my terrible taste, because man these are ugly.